ONLINE LED STORE 12-Slot Relay Box [6 Relays] [6 Blade Fuses] [Bosch Style Relays] [Easy Installation] [OEM Factory Look] - Fuse Relay Box for Automotive and Marine Use


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  • OEM-STYLE PROTECTION- Tidy up your vehicle's engine bay by securely stowing away your relays and...
  • SUPPORTS RELAYS & FUSES- Safely stores up to (5x) Bosch Style 40/30A 5-Pin Relays/30A 4-Pin...
  • INSTALLATION IS A SNAP- The Snap-Fit upper and lower cover cases allow easy access for relays,...

Product description

The ultimate storage solution for your vehicle’s relays and fusesWith the capacity to house up to five Bosch style 40/30A 5-Pin relays/30A 4-Pin relays, one RTT7121A 4-Pin relay, and six ATO/ATC blade fuses, this versatile relay box delivers unparalleled protection for the fuses and relays in your truck, SUV, car, bike or boat.Hassle-free maintenanceOur user-friendly relay block has easy-to-use snap-fit clips, allowing quick access to relays, fuses and wires. Simply crimp your wires to the included metallic pins, place them into the desired slots located on the backside of the relay box, and direct the wires to the cable opening holes and snap the lid shut.Mounts on angled, sloped and flat surfacesMost modern vehicles have engine bays or trunk spaces with angled or sloping surfaces, making it difficult to mount many other relay boxes. To enable trouble-free mounting on these surfaces, we engineered our relay block with uneven mounting supports. Alternatively, the included rubber spacer lets you mount the fuse relay box on flat surfaces.Whether you’re searching for a relay and fuse storage solution for your automotive or marine application, clean up the clutter and protect your investment with the OLS Relay and Fuse Box.Features:Durable constructionHolds up to 6 individual relays and 6 ATO/ATC blade fusesSnap-Fit Upper and Lower Cover Cases for easy accessPackage Content:1 x OLS Economical Relay Box4 x Accessories Pack:1 x Spacer & 2 x Sets Bolts/Nuts/Washers25 x Relay Female push-on wire terminals12 x ATO Blade Fuse Female push-on wire terminals2 x Large & 2 x Small Female Push-On wire terminalsNote: Wires not included